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Hebei Aiwei imp&exp Co.,ltd,located in 170 kilometers northwest Beijing, specializes in manufacturing and marketing various insulators and wear-resistance tube for industrial dust removing system [including electrostatic precipitator (shorted as ESP) and pneumatic dust conveyor], and insulator for electrical equipment used in high-voltage power substations.
We has undertaken the revising of four industry standards for ESP insulator.
With a manufacturing history of over twenty years for insulators (ceramic insulator, quartz insulator and engineering plastics insulator) used in various electrical equipment based on her over fifty years’ porcelain manufacturing experience,ours become the leader worldwide in both process technology and product quality.We possesses the self-management import & export license,and it has exported to coustomers in many countries and areas such as India,Japan,South-Korea,Brazil,Germany,Russia etc.


Main Products

ESP insulator is the principle product of with the voltage range 72~120kV, consisting of hollow support insulator, bushing insulator, shaft insulator, solid-core post insulator, link insulator, ceramic insulating plate, and rapping rod with more than three hundred types in size for choosing.
As per the operating temperature in service, insulators with different material can be chosen as follows:

Engineering Plastics Rapping Rod, ≤200℃

High Strength Ceramic Insulator, ≤250℃

Temperature Withstand & High Strength Ceramic Insulator, ≤350℃

Quartz Support Insulator, ≤500℃

95 Ceramic Insulator (95% Alumina based), ≤600℃

Our Advantages

The insulators manufactured by us are of high mechanical strength, good performance against cold-hot thermal impact, low surface current leakage, good insulating and nice regularity in appearance.
Besides, supplies electrical heater for ESP as well.
We succeeded to develop a new kind of product in 2009, the porcelain-steel combined dust transporting tube used in pneumatic dust conveying system after dust removers, covering straight tube with various tube diameters, elbow tube and three-way tube both with various tube angles. The liner of the tube is an entire one of high Alumina and high strength refractory ceramic made by firing up to 1320℃, with high wear-resistance and a service life ten times more than ordinary wear-resistance tube. In the market of wear-resistance tube, is the sole to be able to produce this unique kind of porcelain-steel combined dust transporting tube.
In addition,We also produces ceramic insulator for electrical equipment used in HV power substations. It includes surge arrester, transformer bushing, instrument transformers insulator, circuit breaker insulator and solid-core post insulator and so on with the operating voltage 35~500kV.
We possesses its own inspection and testing center with complete test equipment. Before leaving the factory, all the insulators manufactured are inspected through various tests such as temperature cycle test, temperature-voltage test, porosity test, power frequency spark test and mechanical loading test to ensure their safe and reliable usage.
We has been emphasizing process controlling and product quality controlling and improving, and in 2001 it gained the ISO9001 international quality standard certificate.
The international and Chinese standards are followed as required by customers, such as the Chinese standards of GB/T772-2005 ‘Technical specifications for high-voltage insulator’ and JB/T6746.(1-4)-1993 ‘ceramic insulator used in electrostatic precipitator, and the international standard IEC series.


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The ESP insulator made by us has been well known and popular in the sector of environmental protection equipment manufacture in China,serving for many years most of domestic ESP manufacturers nationwide including those leading companies such as zhejiang Feida Environmental scinece&Technology Co.,Ltd,Longking,xuanhua EP,Shanghai electric group.Our insulators widely used in thousands of coal fired power stations,iron and steel plants,cement plants,non-ferrous smelterys,chemical factories,payper making plants in over twenty provinces and autonomous regions all over China.And we exported to abrod such as India,Japan,Twiwan,Russia,Germany,Italy,ect.