Dust Collectors Wire Electrode Collecting electrode discharge electrode in ESP

Short Description:

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:AIWEI
Model Number:SS41 RIGID Discharge electrodes
Type:Steel hard spiny
Application:ESP accessories
Conductor Material:Spcc
Conducor Type:Stranded
Insulation Material:SS41
Product name:SS41 rigid discharge electrodes
Usage:ESP Electrostatic precipitator
Feature:Corrosion resistant
Material:spcc Performence
Packing :Frame

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Packaging Details:Frame

Electrostatic precipitator collecting plate electrode Collecting electrodes plates for ESP


Place of Origin:
Hebei, China
Brand Name:
Test Report:

main product.

1. Porcelain insulator series: porcelain insulators, porcelain sleeves, electric porcelain shafts, porcelain pillars, wall bushings, electric heaters, etc.;
2. Rapping components: anode rapping hammer, cathode rapping hammer, A type rapping hammer, curved arm rapping hammer, cement plant rapping hammer, F type rapping hammer, E type rapping hammer;
3. Barbed wire, BS wire, RS wire, two-tooth cathode wire, four-tooth cathode wire, multi-tooth cathode wire, 316L spiral wire, etc.;
4. Anode plates, anode clips, plate reinforcement plates, concave-convex sleeves, etc.
Service scope.
design, produce and sell various electric precipitator accessories and provide technical consultation.

Application field.

The company’s testing equipment is complete and used in steel plants, cement plants, power plants, non-ferrous metal smelting, carbon black plants, chemical plants, asphalt concrete mixing plants, food processing plants, wood processing, cotton spinning plants, iron and steel metallurgy, non-ferrous smelting, For dust control and flue gas purification in construction cement, industrial power station boilers and municipal waste incineration industries, the products are sold in batches all over the country and enjoy a high reputation and popularity in the market. Sellers are welcome to come to exchange and cooperate.

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