Intelligent dust removal solution helps energy saving and emission reduction

With the in-depth promotion of ultra-low emission in the iron and steel industry, new standards of cement, glass, nonferrous industry and other industries and ultra-low emission opinions have been introduced successively, ultra-low emission has become normal, polluting enterprises are facing the task of bidding transformation, put forward higher requirements for the dust removal equipment industry, but also bring new opportunities.

Emerson process control co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Emerson”) has been taking root in the field of industrial dust removal for decades. It has rich industry experience and innovative technologies.  This exchange with the north star is Emerson automation solution asia-pacific industrial industry market manager, responsible for the asia-pacific product development, marketing strategy formulation and market development of zhang xiaodan.

Manager zhang has a master’s degree in engineering thermal physics from zhejiang university. Before joining Emerson, he served as a product manager at general electric company for 9 years.  Emerson, provides high quality solutions for dust removal systems  Since its establishment in 1890, Emerson has gone through a hundred years of history and has worked in the dust removal industry for several decades.  In the late 1950s, the application of bag dust removal system began to be paid attention to. In the 1970s and 1980s, relevant laws and policies related to industrial dust and particulate matter problems in mining, power plants, garbage incineration and other industries were introduced, and jet pulse dust removal technology was developed rapidly.  Old dust removal systems and typical pulse dust removal systems (images provided by Emerson emersonde)

Emerson, which has profound technology accumulation in industrial automation and process control, is the pioneer of solenoid valve and personal property industry, and it is also natural to enter the dust removal industry.

After decades of accumulation and operation, Emerson has a complete and efficient product line in explosion-proof and dust removal solenoid valve, and is committed to providing high-quality solutions to the dust removal system and giving the dust removal system more powerful functions. Meet the different application and budget requirements of OEM manufacturers, which are deeply trusted by original device manufacturers and end users.  Intelligent, new ideas for industrial dust removal  Since the development of industrial dust removal industry, the relevant technology and technology have been quite mature, and the effect of dust removal is relatively stable. Therefore, how to improve the stability of dust removal system, improve the degree of intelligence, and reduce the maintenance cost of manpower and equipment has gradually become a concern for everyone.

Emerson timely introduces intelligent technology into dust removal solutions, and with big data, it not only responds to the green policy, but also reduces operation and maintenance costs, reduces downtime, and helps users reduce costs and increase efficiency.  Emerson ascot intelligent dust removal solution (image provided by Emerson emersonde) “I think the general direction of the current dust removal industry is the combination of” wisdom “and” environmental protection “. Under the dual needs of external atmospheric environment and internal production environment, dust removal technology will be combined with digital technology to accelerate the transformation of manufacturing enterprises, “zhang said. In the future development process of the industry, new products, new equipment and services based on green environment will be constantly developed. With the help of the new generation of information network, we will open up opaque barriers to traditional dust removal data and clear and detailed data reports. Rapid and accurate visual dynamic feedback is the source of the development of dust removal industry in the direction of breadth and depth.  Good products are the cornerstone of intelligent system  Intelligence may be the evolutionary direction of dust removal system in the future, but it is far from enough planning and imagination. Reliable and solid products are the basis of building intelligent dust removal system.  Emerson, who has been in the dust removal industry for decades, offers a wide range of dust removal products. It covers pulse solenoid valve, pilot valve, timing controller, pulse dust removal air encapsulation syst.

Post time: May-16-2022